Chicken can't stand or walk


6 Years
Sep 1, 2013
Valley center, Kansas
Hello, I have a chicken who had her toenail stuck in a small hole. I got it out and checked for injury, nothing noticeable, no swelling, no cuts and she still can move her legs, feet, and toes. The problem that I'm having is she will not stand up for long, and will not walk. I can put her on her feet but within a minute she lays down,and will stay wherever you leave her. I have to put her food next to her and give her water several times a day,or she will die. Her eyes are clear,no sneezing, or coughing. she seems healthy except she can't or won't stand or walk, She is even still laying eggs. Can anyone tell me what's wrong,and how I can make her better? Thanks
She has surely strained the muscles in her leg. There is also the possibility of a break or a hip/pelvic problem. I have had a couple instances where a bird got hung up in the wire and strained a leg. Generally, given enough time, they regain the function of their leg. Keep her in an area where she is protected from roosters/aggressive flock mates, and hopefully she will heal.

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