chicken cant walk


10 Years
Jun 4, 2009
so my RIR cant walk at all, she was fine all though had a limp for about a week, i took her away from the flock to let her heal and relax but since yesterday it seems she cant move her legs well.

shes 4 years old, we use pine shavings as bedding and feed Modesto milling organic feed

atm i have her on nutri-drench to see if it helps.

the only thing i think she could of got into is the terminex spray by the house but its supposed to be all natural and pet friendly, we even let it dry a couple hours before we put her back over there, this was a week ago though when we first put her in the yard because of the limp.

anyone have any ideas? sadly i dont have a chicken vet i can take her to that i know of.

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