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Oct 2, 2008
Hello We have just taken in 28 chickens from a humane seizure in Pgh area.. these poor creatures where living in a basement along with other animals. We believe they are silkies.. but not postivly sure. We build a secure fencing above a large horse stall and have a roosting stand for them. Enclosed an outdoor area for them and carried them out this morning. We will do fecals tomorrow to see if they need de wormed. We did get one egg this morning which amazes me as they only arrived last yesterday. We will close up the window this weekend as it is getting pretty chilly at night. Any suggestions are greatly taken.. I have never been a chicken care taker before.. Thanks Regina


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Check the index for the FAQs as there is lots of good stuff there.

Get down in the stall with them and see if you can feel any drafts along the floor. If you do, try to fix it so there are no drafts.

We use chopped straw and wood shavings for bedding in our hen house. You can also use straw bales to block drafts and help insulate as the weather gets colder.

Make sure they have plenty of fresh feed, grit, and water. If they are laying hens, they also need oyster shell.

Keep an eye on them for any signs that they aren' healthy, like sneezing...

An egg is great! But don't be surprised if it takes the rest of them a while to settle down and start laying again.

Good luck and enjoy them! Keep us posted and post pics if you're able.


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aLSO MAKE SUE THEY HAVE BOXES TO NEST IN. Oops. Our chickens are spoiled, with a fan if its hot, a heat lamp when its cold, a porch light in the coop that comes on in the morning, etc.

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