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    I caught Humphrey (my rooster) and Lily (my hen) having a little chicken chat overtop of their roommate Autumn. So cute! These are the 7 remaining birds I have after a terrifying ordeal with a little weasel "friend" over Christmas. We got these guys last July, and they are our first flock. We recently added 10 Bantam Red Sussex birds that we bought, and I'm sad to admit I'm definitely not as fond of them as I am over our originals, but I'm hoping they will grow on me :)
    We now have a total of 15 hens and 2 Roosters, I'm wondering if that seems like an ok ratio to you more experienced keeper of the birds. We are only interested in their eggs for now, and of course visiting. I have my eye on a white silkie breeding pair though, and I'm thinking that would be too many roosters for my flock?
    Any advice and opinions are welcome :) This is a great site for information!
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    That's a sweet photo. I'm sorry lost some chickens due to a weasel. Your rooster hen ratio sounds fine. It is often less about the ratio than just how well roosters and hens get along. It is hard to say if you added a pair of Silkies if the dominant rooster will regard them as separate from the flock and generally leave them alone or if he will try to assert his authority. I would be prepared to have a separate area for the Silkies just in case.
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    What a sweet picture! [​IMG] Sorry about your loss. [​IMG] Enjoy them all!

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