Chicken choking? or worms?

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    This morning my six month old Barred mix bird, who just started laying last week, died [​IMG] Earlier in the morning all my birds were fine and running around the coop, and then about two hours later I went outside and discovered my barred laying on her back next to the knocked over waterer having incredible trouble breathing, and her comb was dark and dull. I quickly brought her out of the run and tried to see if she had been attacked or there was anything in her throat. I couldn't see any blockage but she just couldn't breathe. There was nothing I could do. She died maybe five minutes later, I'm pretty sure she suffocated.

    Do you think she simply ate something wrong and asphyxiated? Maybe ate something poisonous? Or I've been reading about gapeworm? I just want to make sure my other two birds are not infected with anything or that I should be worried about this happening to them?

    Such a sad day [​IMG]
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    Sometimes, when a young, healthy chicken dies, we never know what went wrong. Chickens can have heart attacks and things of that nature, just like people do. You would really need a necropsy (sort of like an autopsy only for chickens) to be done to really find out.

    I have heard that the gapeworm would look like little threads were in her throat. If chickens have that, they seem to "yawn" alot, or their mouth gapes open, thus the name gapeworm.

    Just set a spell and watch your other chickens for any symptoms, but they may be just fine. I sure am sorry for your loss, and I'm hoping it was just a freak thing and your other chickens are fine.

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    Not gapeworm. Probably a heart problem of some sort. Sorry you lost her.

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