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Dec 2, 2015
I have a 8 month old Easter Egger that started acting oddly. Seven days ago she was in the coop and would stick her neck out and open her month similar to a fish out of water. When she would cluck it sounded a little hoarse. I isolated her gave her Braggs and Rooster Booster for two days. She seemed fine so I put her back in the coop/run and she immediately started acting like she was clearing her throat or having tiny sneezes. No exaggerated head movements but a little jerk and quiet kazoo type sound. She's back in isolation with no improvement. I am continuing with Braggs and Rooster Booster. On day 5, I started messaging her crop and gave her some bread with olive oil. Her crop seems normal size. This doesn't seem to be helping. This morning she is continuing to clear her throat/tiny sneeze and is rubbing her eyes. She has the quiet kazoo sound when she clears throat/sneezes but her clucking sounds normal. Her eyes are clear, no mucus anywhere, she doesn't act like she feels bad. She is drinking and eating. She doesn't appear to be losing weight. She has not laid since being in isolation. She is very feisty and continues to try to escape. She's in a 8' x 3' pen and moves around doing normal chicken things. I'm at at a loss on what could be the problem. The throat clearing/tiny sneezes are more frequent today. Thanks.

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Oct 21, 2015
I wish I could provide some expert help but the first thing that comes to my mind (not saying this is what is wrong) is the possibility of gapeworm.

Here's some articles

Here are a couple of videos

If you also think it could be gapeworm then she would need to be wormed with a wormer that can kill gapeworms such as Safeguard equine (liquid or paste) with fenbendazole or Valbazen.

This is just the first thing I thought of. Perhaps another member will come by with some other thoughts of what could be causing her symptoms.

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