Chicken Cliques--just like high school?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by kimboolah, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Originally, I had 9 Isa Browns. Then when they were about 8 weeks old, I got four more (a black sex link, a gold laced wyandotte, a silkie bantam and later a giant cochin baby).

    The browns all "hang out' together, and the black sex link (her name is Judy) appears to be the Momma of the other three odd balls.

    Now I have 8 EE's in the brooder--will someone want to be their momma, or will I have another group of girls who won't hang out with the others.

  2. LOL who knows?! Probably a whole other group! Mine all hang out in different cliques, too. There's my four MPC chicks, the two Silkies, and then the two loners are my older Polish pullet and my little Frizzle pullet, though they have recently adopted each other [​IMG]
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    The older I get the more I realize High School behavior never ends. Sad, huh?
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    I had the same thing when I tried to integrate my WLH in with my assorted flock-it took a while, but they have all become buddies(for the most part).

    Hopefully your little groups can become friends too, if not...don't worry, they'll sort it out and each group will do it's own thing.
  5. flymamma

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    Jul 10, 2009
    this is too funny ! My daughter was just telling me we have to get anoth black sex link ,another BO and a delaware ... those are the breeds we only have 1 of and they are always alone .. it is funny the RIR's are always together , and my Red leg's are like a pair of siamese twins they walk at the same time etc ...

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    I was watching mine the other day and realized that if I could just get them to vote one out of the chicken house, I'd have the makings of a new hit reality show! [​IMG]
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    We have a Polish rooster with his two main girls, a monagmous roo and hen combo, a mama and her three kids, two banty mixes who hang out with two other generic chickens (they were introduced to the henetentiary about the same time) one amerucana who hangs with whoever will let her, three other banty mixes that let the other amerucana hang out with her and three other hens that came to us at the same time. I need more hallways in my school for all our cliques. [​IMG]

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