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  1. Hi!
    I am hoping to get some advice about my Bantam cochin, 3 years old and 3lbs. She has had a running beak, clear and not smelly that comes and goes. This morning I noticed she has a faint click sound when she is breathing...not all the time and will breath through her mouth occasionally. Thinking she is fighting some type of illness/cols that is getting worse. She didn't want to eat a lot this morning and she is a little sleepy, but nothing too bad yet. Please advice how I should treat or do I need a vet before I do?
    Thank you!
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    She may have a respiratory disease that could be viral, bacterial, or fungal. Or she may be sensitive to something in your environment. Does she sneeze? If you want to give her a round of antibiotics, Tylan 50 injectable can be given orally, 0.3 ml twice a day for 5 days. You will need a needle and syringe for the bottle, and just take off the needle to give it to her by mouth. Aspergillosis is a fungal respiratory disease that comes from mold or wet conditions. Keeping good overhead air circulation, avoiding hot coop temperatures, and avoiding dusty feed or conditions may help. Here is a good link to read about common respiratory diseases:
  3. Thanks! She is an indoor girl so weather does affect her much. She gets outside time throughout the day, but stays inside otherwise. She does sneeze. I picked up Oxytetracyaline HCL powder : Board spectrum antibiotic. on the advice of a neighbor, but am not sure of the dosage for my girl? Good link! It has a lot of info :) hoping this helps her get over whatever it is [​IMG]
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