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    [​IMG]Chicken Comic Thread[​IMG]
    Do you have some comics you made of your chickens you're bursting to share? Have you ever wanted to make some chicken comics! Here's how to make them and a couple of our own!

    How to make a Chicken Comic
    1. Go to
    2. Click "Edit a Photo" to add a caption to a funny picture, or "Make a Collage" to add multiple funny photos and captions.
    3. Go to "Overlays" to see the speech and thought bubbles they have, as well as other fun graphics.
    4. Go to "Text" and choose a font to add the text to your speech/ thought bubble.
    5. Click Save and Share it below!

    When you're done making a comic, share it below! Use your imagination and be creative! If I see any that I really like, I may PM you asking if I can share them on my blog. [​IMG]

    Here's a couple that I made with Picmonkey, and cane serve as examples.



    If you have any good chicken jokes, please share as well.

    Here are some chicken jokes I liked, sorry if they're a little corny! [​IMG]

    Q: What happened when the chicken ate cement?
    A: She laid a sidewalk!

    Q: What did the chicken do when he saw a bucket of fried chicken?
    A: She kicked the bucket!

    Q: What do you call a crazy chicken?
    A: A cuckoo cluck!

    Q: What happened to the chicken whose feathers were all pointing the wrong way?
    A: She was tickled to death!

    For some more great chicken jokes, check out the following links. Share any that you like, as well!

    If you like what someone posted, please be sure to give it a [​IMG].

    Enjoy! [​IMG]
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    ohhh...this sounds like a fun thread!
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    i have made some hand drawn comics of my chickens could i post those?
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    Marian: Did I hear something?

    Marian: Just Pepper and Luna

    Marian: What's up Pepper?

    Pepper: Just talking about how HOT Salt is

    Salt: Aww drumsticks! They are talking about me again!

    Mocha: I'm hot too!!!

    Pepper: No u aren't
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    I had to post this :p
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