chicken congestion?

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    Dec 2, 2012
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    I have 19 total birds that vary in age from 20 weeks to 2 years old. I bought many of them at different times and from different people. I have noticed since it has started to get colder (about 40 F at night) that a bunch of me hens seem congested and especially at night and in the early mornings seem to try to blow air and shake their heads as they get up and start moving from the perch. I have never noticed any discharge.
    Is this congestion normal? Or is it something i should be worried about. I don't know if any of the birds were ever vaccinated.

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    Nov 8, 2012
    I am suffering from similar symptoms from with a couple chicks but now one does have bugers. I have read alot this week and you could have a ton of different things on your hands. Sorry, that's no help, but you may get ask questions like-

    have you introduced new chicks to your flock with in 30 days?

    do you have enough ventilation in your coop? (strong ammonia smell or mold spores may cause issues for some chickens)

    are there any other symptoms like with their eyes or mouth breathing?

    and you may get answers like chicken do not get common cold like human- only specific respiratory infection that should be treated individually. (diagnosing- [​IMG])

    I've read so much this weekend I'm paranoid. If no one else responds with anything you could try vet Rx from tractor supply, its like a Vick vapor rub for chickens and may help relieve some symptoms. Its what I'm going to try tomorrow!!

    Good luck!

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