Chicken Coop ark tractor in central Indiana with 5-hens

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    May 5, 2010
    Central Indiana
    I am selling the chicken coop, and donating 5-hens. The coop is brand new and measures 6x8 and has a 2x8 loft area.

    The hens: 2 barred rock, 1 new hampshire Red, and 1 cuckoo maran. Consider the hens a donation since I am trying to make run for my new pullets and these were given to me.

    I live just east of Indianapolis (20-min). I am needing to sell this coop/tractor today so that I can buy materials for more (I have 4-orders to fill and no capital after paying my bills!!) -

    $290 buys it immediately, or $250 for the auction starting price. I would be willing to put it on the back of my truck and meet you somewhere reasonable if you take care of my fuel costs.
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