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    Feb 7, 2007
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    I built my chicken coop mostly from tonnage and neighborhood cleanups so my cost was very minimal. I started with two skids and placed them on cement blocks to lift the floor off the ground. I also put a couple of rubber mats on top of the skids to better seal the floor and put wood shavings on top of them. I also put a metal tray from a large bird cage under the perches for easier clean up. The wire I found at some neighborhood cleanups the roofing and tarpaper was left over from a roofing job. I used 4x4’s, 2x4’s and plywood that was tonnage so it was free. I used screws to assemble the coop. The nesting boxes I made from some scrap wood. I have four nesting boxes and the chickens also lay on top of the boxes where there are wood shavings. I used natural tree branches for their perches in the coop and in the attached pen. I have also a smaller coop in which I will raise my new chicks to keep them separate until they are larger then I will let them mingle together. The paint was leftover from painting my house so they match. The problem I had is that the chickens liked to go into the work shop where the dogs stay and they were laying their eggs there so I finally had to put a nesting box in there so the eggs would not be all over the place and the dogs could not get to them. I had to put a piece of wood across the chicken entrance so the dogs will not go in and eat the eggs. I use wood shavings in the coop along with dusting it with diatomaceous earth.
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    Nice job of using recycled materials.
    And, it looks like a nice secure chicken coop.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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