Chicken Coop Coup d'etat - a punny drama

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    So, after the death of our beloved Faveroll, Lark, we were down to 5 chicks. Due to melancholy, and the urging of my mom to have a lucky # of chickens (the number 7 is considered lucky for us), we decided to suck it up and get 2 more chicks.

    We are now proud owners of 2 Light Brahma's, Hickory and Tsubasa.

    Here is Hickory, caught red handed in her Mob Boss outfit, because the way she acted today, she can't be anything but.


    and Tsubasa, her right wing henchman (closest to the AC grate):


    Granted, I am a brand new owner of chickens, having never directly owned or taken care of them before, I have witnessed something incredibly hilarious, and wanted to share the story and to know if anyone had seen the same.

    We are slowly, but surely, introducing the 2 little ones to our bigger, 3 month old flock of 5. The first time I tried, the chickens basically charged them, looming over them like giants, and some even tried to peck them down. Which of course resulted me in grabbing them and chucking them in several other directions. Well, not really, but I certainly shooed them away and put them back into the run. The last few times we had the flock and the brahma's out, we tried to keep them separate, at times close, and see their reaction. Of course, the same thing happened, though on a less major scale. Nobody got seriously hurt, if at all.

    Just today, we decided to actually put them into the run with the other chickens. My boyfriend was present there the entire time, ready to intervene if anything happened, while I watched through the window. In a display unlike I've ever seen with chickens, Cissany decided to charge them, and stopped 6 inches in front of Hickory. She fluffed her neck up and lowered her face down, probably preparing to peck her. However, Hickory was not intimidated in the least! She lifted her head up to match Cissany's and fluffed her own neck up! It was frikkin hilarious! A minute passed of them staring at each other.

    When Cissany saw that Hickory would not be intimidated, she raised her head back up and, I swear...Hickory charged her instead! Since there was a big difference in size, Hickory herself kept hopping up to meet Cissy's head level and kept flapping her wings to drive her back! OMG, it worked!! [​IMG]

    I couldn't stop laughing. Anytime any of the bigger flock chickies tries to charge Hickory or Tsubasa, Hickory would fight right back. She's charge them herself, or fluff her neck up and meet them head to head. Height was not an issue, because she's just hop up to meet them. It even became 2 vs Hickory at one point, and she forced them both away! She would not stop jumping at them, and my goodness, the bigger chickens stayed away from them!!

    [​IMG] My love for them just intensified. I swear, it was like the scene out of a soap opera. Which is why I got prompted to name Hickory the new Mob Boss, since it's looking like she will be ousting Coronette from power! We are still keeping them in the run today, but we build this netted wall and anchored at an angle with a stretch cord. Now, they can learn to get used to other in safety, though this still doesn't keep Hickory was matching their gazes with her fluffed up neck!

    Anyone else experience the same hilarity??
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    Yes, they are funny!! An almost never ending source of fascination.

    I'm hoping Hickory is just one sassy pullet...and not a cockerel.

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