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  1. mote36

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    Feb 24, 2014
    Alright so I'm fairly new to raising chickens, and plan on getting half a dozen egg strictly egg layers (rock barred or red sex links) and then a few cornishes. I know you need to have a coop and yada yada so I decided to use our old turkey pen that we had two turkeys in when I was younger.

    I plan on keeping the housing part the same its roughly 6-7 ft wide and 8-9ft long. I plan on putting another beam across giving it two roost platforms (since one was already in from the turkey). Then I'm going to build a nesting box probably 6 boxes 3 with 3 on top raised up off the flooring a little. I'll also be running PVC pipe from outside into the inside to fill with feed and water and maybe a hanging feeder.

    Then the next major task is making the fenced in section larger its already probably 20ft long by 10 ft wide ( does it have to made bigger for this number of chickens or no?).

    I'm hoping I can make the chickens free ranging after they get acclimated to their new for the day then close them in for the night. Depending on if they get nabbed by predators will depend on that.

    I'm also thinking about some ducks and maybe having them stsy in the same pen. Can this be possible ?

    Any feedback/ improvements for the coop and info on what I'm doing would be greatly appreciated since I really don't know 100% what I'm doing just doing what I thinks right
  2. Darceyhs

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    Feb 24, 2014
    That sounds like a great plan! Make sure that you have the run (the fenced in section) with a high fence and good quality wire. Make it as long and wide as you can make it. Maybe a bit bigger for 6 or so chooks depending where you live.:D
  3. Trefoil

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    Dec 7, 2011
    As long as your run is big enough you could keep the ducks with them. Just be on the watch to make sure neither is getting bullied and remember ducks are going to need a pool and are messier than chickens.

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