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  1. Booswalia

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    I'm beginning to worry about this fever that I have for making improvements to my coop and run.

    On September 1 I declared my coop finished. Ready to move my three chickens in. Complete and cozy .

    Since then I have done nothing but make improvements on it. I've built a ABS feeder, installed an extension cord, light, timer, and heated water dish. I've raised the level of the water dish in their pen, collected dry leaves to put in the covered part of the pen and then more leaves to put in the open part. I cut a gate out of the fenced in part so I can let them roam for in the yard for a few hours a day. ...and the list goes on and on and... Every morning I wake up with a new idea on how I can improve things out there.

    Is anyone else this obsessed with fluffing their coop? Is there any help for such an obsession?
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  2. jafo

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    May 2, 2009
    [​IMG] For me,,,,,there's always SOMETHING I can do to make it better. I got power, heat plate for the water, timers, going to install an auto door soon,,,,,,,worrying about insulation ,,on and on it goes. Then I say,"they been raising chickens for thousands of years, did they fuss about it as much???" I don't think so. So, next SPRING I'll do the lino on the poop board, and maybe NEXT year I'll do homosote insulation in the coop,,,,,,,,,,,maybe NEXT year I'll add a higher bar on the roost, for now,,,,,,,,,,,,,I'm done. [​IMG]
  3. KatyTheChickenLady

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Boise, Idaho
    I think perhaps you are "nesting".
  4. BantyRooster

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    Apr 14, 2009
    Very nice looking coop and run. I really like the design and color scheme. Great job![​IMG]
  5. Didn't anyone tell you? You never and I mean NEVER *finish* a coop [​IMG]

    I'm due south of you, neighbour!
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  6. Booswalia

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    You mean I'm doomed to eternal nesting? What have I got myself into?

    I need go now. I have to go put a better handle on the gate. [​IMG]
  7. DIMBY

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    Jun 14, 2009
    Western Colorado
    wow, i love the tile idea! I look at it this way, doing, re-doing, going back and forth, back and forth reduces stress (gives me something positive and fun to think about) and has actually helped me to keep the pounds off this summer!
  8. fldiver97

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    Aug 5, 2009
    Middleton, WI
    My Coop
    Probably....and if you ever get close to thinking there is no room for will
    a) need to start on repair or replacements
    b) find some 'accesories' better than what you currently have
    c) will need another or bigger chicken coop and the cycle starts all over or d) any or all of the above, take your pick. I have in 6 months done all of the above and the 'new and improved' big coop and run are a work in progress.. [​IMG] Even though the chickens are doing perfectly fine in their new home [​IMG]
  9. Tonopah Pati

    Tonopah Pati Rest in Peace 1938-2011

    Mar 24, 2009
    Tonopah, Arizona
    I FLUFF at least 1x a week and think about it daily. LOL! We are Hooked. I love it![​IMG][​IMG]
  10. koifarm

    koifarm Songster

    What a beautiful little coop, great job my man! Very creative use of space, design and colorful as should be rightfully proud of your project.....perfectly suited for your location and could easily add a couple more hens without a problem...
    thanks for sharing your efforts with us....

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