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  1. Hello.

    Just building my coop, no experience whatsoever with this stuff... Is plywood an adequate flooring material if using the deep litter method? Also I'm in Canada where winters can be very cold (four to six weeks below 0 degrees farhenhiet) and I'm wondering if the floor should be insulated.


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    Good morning,
    I used osb board as my flooring. I also put two or three coats of paint on it. I do not use the deep litter method but it ain't shallow either.
    The key is keeping it dry. Chickens themselves don't make alot of water. Just be careful with your watering cans. As for the insulation I would not. But I am a long way south of canada.
  3. Thanks Chris,
    I ended up using some old plywood I had leftover from a project in the house and gave it a couple of coats of oil based floor paint. Had one incedent with the waterer so far but the bedding soaked up before it got to the floor, changed that bit of bedding and good to go.
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    hey from the Maritimes as well!! We have the same floor and we do the deep litter method. We haven't had any issues with it but I think for ease of cleaning (deep litter) we're going to throw down some linoleum this winter.

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    I'm going to be using plywood for flooring,in the playhouse we are converting into a coop, and covering it with rubberized roof coating up the walls to about 16 inches. Someone here wrote that they use it and we used it on the barn roof a few years ago to great success.

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