Chicken coop for 10 hens

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    Dec 10, 2014
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    Nice coop , but not for 10 hens in the REAL WORLD.. I have seen others looking at same coop with same questions. The coop part, not including the run is approximately 4 feet by 4 feet. It may be slightly different. That is good enough for 4 to 5 standard hens. A few more if you will be keeping only bantams. ALL MANUFACTURERS seem to OVERSTATE their coop capacities. Selling point. So lets say you still get this coop and squeeze 10 chickens into it. ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD... The problems that overcrowding bring, include BAD CHICKEN BEHAVIOR.. Thumb rule for coop,, to live comfortably is 4 square feet per chicken. 10 square feet per chicken in the run. Seeing your location, you can modify the whole unit to be a coop, and let your chickens free range in your back yard. You would need to predator proof it some more and build additional roost space in the run portion turned coop part. The overhead would need to be a more solid roof IMO.
    Go to this thread which is an excellent one of peeps in your area. I subscribe to it as well. The local peeps may have just the answer you need.
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    The best coops to buy are the smallish prebuilt sheds.
    A 6x8 (or bigger)shed should work well.
    Or you can do what I did and call on a carpentry friend with all the tools and get yours built in a couple of days with the proper tools and knowhow.
    I did spend a couple extra days building the run though. But that wasnt hard to do either.

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    Those prefab coops are usually pretty cheaply made, house fewer chickens than advertised and not predator proof. We started out with one but as those little chicks grew and grew in the brooder, it became obvious the coop wasn't going to work. We sold ours on Craigslist unused,

    We repurposed an existing farm shed but I've seen many people buy a sturdy garden shed and modify it for chickens,

    We have 6 chickens, our coop is 8' x 18' (8' x 9' used for chickens) with a 8' x 16' covered run. I wouldn't add more than 2 or 3.

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