Chicken coop for renters


11 Years
Aug 24, 2008
I am a renter in the Puget Sound area, and need to build a coop for up to 10 hens.

The coop needs to *easily* come apart, so it doesn't need 3 guys and a pickup to move. I am envisioning panels, but I am at a loss as to how to fasten the panels together - I was wondering about piano hinges, just pull the pins to disassemble, but cannot find any experience with this idea. I am willing to try it anyway, but am looking for input or alternative ideas.

It doesn't get all that cold here - most years just down into the 20s - but winters are wet and sometimes windy.

I will be making the run of take-apart fencing panels, that's no problem, it's the coop I'm having trouble with.


9 Years
May 2, 2012
Why can't you go with your panel idea and just screw them to the supports, when it's time to move just remove the screws and take them down.

Another possibility is to build a coop out of free pallets and when it's time to move, burn it down or bust it up. Rebuild in your new location.

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