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    [​IMG] Hello this is my first time posting. I have 5 chickens. I had 6 but the big old bear got one. : ( ! I am in the mountains tops of the Catskills. They are laying great and some are laying Jumbo eggs here and there. One Golden Comet, named Star.Two Vermont Reds. Big Red & Little Red And two Black Astrolobes. Mid & Night : ) . Who knew I love these chickens so much.
    Anyways we have a red light bulb in the coop. I hear they don't need any heat but is there a limit of how cold it gets or for how long it stays cold. We are now insulating the coop and there are no drafts and its ventilated at the top of the coop. How big should that vent be as not to make it too cold ? I do know it seems the hot weather effected them more than the cold so far. My girls are spoiled. [​IMG]
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    My Buff Orpingtons will be going into their first winter.

    I'm leaving the chicken door open (facing west into the secured run), the 2 south windows open at the top plus the roof ridge vent.

    Average winter temperatures is in the middle 20's with single digits not unusual.

    Coop is not insulated and will not be heated.

    Coop is draft free and it does not take long for the buzzards hens to warm the coop up.
  4. Here check this out, Chicken Huts, these birds stay outside in these with no heat lamps, plenty of feed and straw. This is in Western Canada land of -35 many time in winter. The birds do well, are healthy, and appear to like snow.
    I was talking with my 80 YO Dad today, they kept Leghorns in old coops no heat, no lights, all did quite well and layed all winter, just less for a few months.Do you think maybe we are over concerned[​IMG]


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    No heat for mine in a metal coop.They get pine shavings and a few bales of straw against the walls.I added a fluorescent light last year,and that helped with eggs so will do it again.I give warm water am and pm.
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    [​IMG]Thanks everyone I just came back to see if there were any post. It was nice of everyone to share the info. Its helpful when your new and have people to help you out. Thanks so much. Hope to post more and share info. : ) I will only put the red light on a few hours to make a longer day light for them and keep the water from freezing.

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