chicken coop in apartment corridor

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    I live in an apartment so I Do not have access to backyards and stuff.had a large corridor and decided to build one for my girls as a new year gift. Sorry for the blur photos. Comments are welcomed.btw, I'm from Singapore,Where you don't have easy access to poultry or their equipments.
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    I just wanted you to know that I admire your courage. In Singapore everything is against the law. You living assuming in the city not farm area, risk authorities breaking into your apartment complex and raiding it. I would not tell even your friends what you are up to. They could blackmail you. And I wont be coming to visit Singapore ether. They would cane me just because of the way I look. If you feel lucky get roosters. Best sincere wishes to your chicken endeavor FROM MY HEART
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    Looks like you take good care of them and are healthy.
  4. Thanks for your heartfelt wishes.I really appreciate it.

    Yes. Thank you.I do take good care of them very very much.
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    I'm without words....[​IMG]

    They look wonderful.
  6. Thank you. Appreciate it.

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