Chicken coop not big enough??


9 Years
May 13, 2014
Kansas City, MO
i have 32 hens in a coop that is 8x8 with 8 nests.
I am only getting an average of 15 eggs a day.
Seems to me with that many hens I should be getting more than that.
My thought is to many hens in the coop?
But they say 3-4 hens to a nest so it seems I have enough
Just thinking that maybe they are stressed or something
No they are not in coop at all times they have a run that is 20x30 and access to hollar. And I let them out an hour or so 3-4 times a week.
They are 4 years old and younger so maybe for some age is a reason
Thanks for your input
You do not mention the breed. Not ALL chickens are egg machines. Feed is also a factor in egg production. If you want maximum egg production, you may have to fine tune that as well.
WISHING YOU BEST,,,,, :highfive:
Are chickens eating, drinking, pooping, acting otherwise normal?
Any signs of feather picking/feather loss?
Are they ever locked in the 8x8 space or do they always have access to the fenced run?
I have RIR Austrolorps leghorns Easter eggers buffs Wyandotte barred rocks cinnamon queens New Hampshire reds and I’m sure some I have forgotten. But i am under the impression that most of these are good layers
I get my feed from the local grain elevator and from march to November i ferment half the daily feed. Which they love by the way:drool
Everything seems normal. They all seem to be healthy and well. I have one leghorn that looks like she maybe coming out of a molt but other wise ok
And yes they are never locked in the coop. They are always let out every day
According to the space recommendations 8x8 is 64 sq ft. Divided by 4 - at most you should have 16 fs chickens in there. Maybe they need a little elbow room?
Do they have enough run space?

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