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    Mar 23, 2012
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    Hi, I'm new here and should be receiving my first batch of chicks (5 cuties) sometime next week. I am so excited! I was raised on a chicken farm (fryers) as a child but haven't been around chickens since I was about 11. I am really looking forward to this experience as are my children. Sadly though we ordered a 5X6 coop and it was supposed to be completed some time ago. We continue to get the run around. We've come to the conclusion we are going to need to find something else and are looking at chicken coop plans. There are so many choices and was wondering if any of you kind folks have suggestions based on your experience. We need something that is simple to build and that can withstand very high winds (think 80mph). We would have to pour footings and use metal posts, but i am concerned with the roof flying off. Also, if anyone could tell us how approximately how long it will take to build a coop that would be great. I have a wonderful hubby that has never built anything like this. Thank you for your help!
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    Just use a large card board box until they feather out. As for heat source, I use a desk lamp with 40-100watt incandescent light bulb. You can check out the coop plan book from library, the net, or Backyardchicken coop. I used free shipping box and it work out just fine for me.

    Chick temperature:

    1st week = 85-90F
    2nd week= 80-84F
    3nd week=75-79F
    4th week=69-74F
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    Check my BYC page using the link below. The Garden Coop plans are awesome and I have link to the website on my page. If you're concerned about wind, you might modify the roof of the Garden Coop to a pitched roof style like I have on my coop.

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