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    I have been trying to figure out what kind of coop to build, and have been literally not sleeping at night for the last week trying to decide. I finally figured I would build something like Then last night the wind started blowing and got me to wondering if it would be stable in wind gusts of 50 mph? I have a small backyard and with the City Code requirements I would have to have the coop in the middle of the yard where it isn't protected. Would another style of coop (like an Ark type) be better? I want the coop to be 4x4 with the run area another 4x4 and about 7' high.
    Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.
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    That is a lovely coop! If you're worried about wind, you can install something like this sort anchor kit. If I were to build that coop in a wind-prone area I would affix another course of 2 X 4s along the bottom, but lying flat. Then you would have an exposed lip along the inside edge of the coop. On that exposed edge I'd drill two holes at 45 degrees in opposite directions and drive a couple feet of rebar down into the ground. I'd do that on all four sides. It would be much less expensive than the sort of anchor I linked above, but serve the same purpose. I'd very much recommend a larger run if you can spare the expense and space. In your climate, the chickens will spend most of their time outside and will appreciate the extra room. You'll never be disappointed that you made it larger. Good luck!
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    I appreciate the advice, it seems very well thought out. I am hoping to make it so I can move it around a bit so anchoring it wouldn't work for that. If it seems that I can't make it mobile then I will definately try your idea.
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    If you want it moble, you just made it harder. Not impossible, just harder. What do you think of adding outriggers? Make your shorter cross members on the bottom quite a bit longer so you increase your base size, then put a board on the outside of those. To add weight, you might put a cinder block on each corner. I like the anchoring option better, but expanding the base will help a lot. If your ground is not pretty flat, this could make it harder to move.
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    That might work. I think I'll try it and if it doesn't do the trick, I can always saw off the ends and try something else. Thanks for the advise. Maybe I'll sleep tonight!

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