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    I was just curious what the rules or requirements for a persons chicken coop to be located in specific category, ie: small, medium, large and so on)? When I created mine I do not recall a option for specifying a posting category. Or is there a certain number of views, or ovations one has to receive for it to become "popular", to be placed in a category?
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    It's actually very subjective. We have a handful of people review the coops right before adding them to the coop page index and we average out their opinions regarding the size of the coop and use that as a proxy for how most people would interpret the size, and then assign them accordingly.

    More info about the process is in our FAQ section:

    Q: How Do I Get My Coop Page Added to the BYC Coop Index?
    All the coops submitted to our coop contests are added to the various coop indexes AFTER the contest is over. Please look in our Sponsored Content, Contests, and Giveaways section for a link to the current coop contest and submit your coop there!
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    Quote:Thanks for the information. I just couldn't find any information directly answering my question, even after doing a few searches and coming up empty handed. I figured it was "very" subjective as you say.
  4. I was wondering the same thing and thought that I saw that posting an article entered you in a contest and then it would be placed in the pictures somehow. So I put my build pictures in the learning center under coops, but I'm thinking that this is not where I thought it would end up. I see everyones coops in the forum under show us your pictures of your coops or something like that.

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