Chicken Coop Shoes Boots, Whatever


Sep 23, 2020
Martha's Vineyard Island, MA
I'm older and have a less than easy time putting my shoes on and off as I usually wear trail runners in the garden as they don't hold a lot of dirt if I run in and out of my house during the day. I'm new to Chickens and coops.. and I have been spending too much time cleaning my shoes.. soaking in buckets and brushing on and on like a part time job.. I bought those plastic booties to slip over shoes but they are so cheap they just tear even when treading lightly. I'm looking for some good low boots maybe with elastic gores on the side that don't have large spaces to collect coop droppings.. thinking I could put them on and off easily.. I'm open to any ideas from anybody who might be older and really get what a literal pain it is dealing with this coop shoe thang.. I'm in the process of trying to build a Calif Chicken coop drawer to catch poop and relocating my roost bars over it to minimize "coop poop".. but I've not gotten that together just yet.. So if anyone has anything to share.. I'm all ears! ( and dirty shoes). Thanks in advance.. !

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