Chicken coop

Hey Tony, :welcome. Glad you could join us!:frow There's a Coop and Run-Design,Construction and Maintenance section under the forum tab that you should check out lots of folks sharing ideas and what have you. If you do Pinterest that's another great source of ideas for coops(although oft times you wind up back here when doing the Pinterest thing:lau). Anyhow best of luck with your new coop project, the one bit of advice I might offer is build bigger than you think you need to that way you aren't rebuilding in the not so distant future(Don't ask me how I know;))
Hello Tony and :welcome

A couple of tips from me... build bigger than you think you’ll need and research predator protection carefully.

I’ve just converted a cheap “factory seconds” shed from eBay into a coop. To make your life delightfully easy, consider making roll-out nest boxes (keeps eggs clean and would also prevent egg eating) and roosts with slanted poop boards and a gutter to catch the turds - when they poop at night it slides straight into the gutter and makes mucking out soooo easy! Here’s mine...

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