Chicken coughing up blood. please give wisdom.


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Jun 6, 2010
My favorite girl,Nacho our pet has been a bit wheezy for about 5-6 days, then started coughing. Yesterday I quarantined her and another chicken, from the rest of the flock. Started giving her Duramycin yestereday. Brought them inside for the night, and today when I took them out to their quarantine pen, the 2nd hen had a small splash of blood on her back. Nacho has been coughing hard for a day. This morning I also noticed that Nacho had blood around her beak. So as I suspected she is coughing up blood. Looked up symptoms online and only thing I could find with couging up blood is Infectious Laryngotracheitis. Which you need a vaccine for. Apperently there is no treatment. But one of the symptoms is weepy eyes, which she doesnt have.

Dont know how to vaccinate or where to get vaccine? Does a vet need to do this? Cant see taking my 15 hens to the vet for a vaccine? Can I buy the vaccine somewhere and administer it myself? this morning i heard another of my hens in the flock coughing or sneezing.

what do i do???
thanks so much for your help,

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I had this problem last week and did not get any responses. However, my girl did not have a cough with her bleeding. Upon careful inspection I found that she had cut her throat on something she tried to eat. If you can take a peek down her throat you may see somethink like I found. Other than that, I have not one suggestion.

Good luck.

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