chicken coupe size?? pix coming


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chicken coupe size?? how big should the coupe for outside, and the inside?? im going to buy chicken wire right now and was wondering, here will be some fresh pixof were i think they will be after i clean it up..


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If you use the 'search' utility on the blue bar towards the top of this page you can find lots of good threads on this subject

The quick commonly-agreed-on answer is: at least 4 sq ft per chicken in the coop, and at least 6-10 sq ft per chicken in the run. More room in the coop would be a real good idea if they will have to spend extra time there (you often get horrible weather, cold snowy winters, etc).

Also be aware that while chicken wire will pretty well keep your chickens in, it is NOT very predator proof, and things like raccoons and coyotes and dogs will just rip it right apart and have chicken for dinner. Welded wire mesh (or chainlink) is much safer.

Also, raccoons can reach through 2" wire mesh and will just pull whatever part of the chicken they can grab out thru the fence to eat, so most people either use 1" welded mesh or hardwarecloth along the bottom 2' or so of the run. Raccoons live through almost all of continental North America and are common in rural, suburban AND city environments.

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Create a free account on a web photo site (I use photobucket). Upload your pics. Resize them to "message board" size so as not too be too huge. Copy the "img" tag below the pic. Paste the img into your message here. That's it!


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Welcome! I see you are a fellow Upstate NY'er. Well, if you can give them more room, I suggest you do since they will spend days inside during our lovely winter season. I have a small coop. I planned on 4 hens and built to suit that, however, when you order, you always get extras, and you will want more in time anyway. How many will you have and are you getting cold hardy birds.
They say 4sq.ft inside per bird. Otherwise if it's too small, they will get cranky and pick on eachother.

Have fun building and post pics!

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