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    Well I caught the Chicken Crazy Disease [​IMG]
    I started Owning chickens about 1 year ago. I saved them at my farm and my grandfather said I could keep them. That was only 4. Then I started looking at the internet for chicken and found all these hatcheries. I didn't know there were so many differnet breeds. In Feb. of last year I got 15 Ameraucana (The merry Ameraucana). A few weeks later I got 6 White leghorns from a 4-H project. Well I kept all these chickens and slowly got a few of other breeds. One Barred Rock, One Buff Brama. In January of this year I was given permision to use one of our empty buildings. (My famly is a commercial owns a commercial chicken farm since 1924) I got 650 brown chicks and am going to sell them as cage free eggs. I am already got stores to sell at and don't even have enough to go arround. Well i hope to learn something that i didn't known already. Especially in the area of incubation which I don't know a thing about even though we have atleast 7 cabinet incubatiors from about 50 years ago.
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    Good Luck to you, sounds like a lot to take on, but you sound like you are more than ready for the challenge!

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