Chicken Death (educational purposes)

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    My chicken was perfectly healthy. Hawthorne(the chicken) died last night. I can only conclude it was an accident. My dogs love to chase the chickens. But this day, this time, they got a little to close. I inspected the body and it shows that while being chased the dog stepped on the chickens tail, the tail popped out and ripped. I can only hope the chicken was not in pain and died a quick death. This probably was not the case. The chicken squawking in pain alerted the dogs. They were either trying to play or trying to help but since with no hands they found that using there teeth should help. The chicken died and I found the dogs just staring out her lifeless body. The chicken had multiple lacerations on the butt and breast area. October 31- February 18 R.I.P. Hawthorne. To honor her (as I believe to use “every part of the buffalo” or it’s not fair to the animal) I made the salvageable parts into dog food, along with a little grave to honor my first chicken death.
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    Sorry for your loss.
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    Sorry for your loss.
    May I ask why you allow continued chasing by the dogs?
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