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    Hi all,

    One of my chickens died today. Sunday she was spry and alert, she also seemed fine yesterday. I did not see her today before I found her dead, but my dad did and said he didn't notice anything wrong with her - or any of the chickens. So in the span of about an hour or two, she died. I only saw one wound on her, but it was where it looked like her feathers might have been torn or pecked at by the other chickens after her death (which is fairly normal chicken behavior so I'm not so shocked by that - they investigate everything with their little beaks).

    I just can't figure out what might have happened to her. If something got into the run, why did whatever it was not eat her, or at least attempt it - why was there only one small wound on her body? Or why not try to carry her off? Or why not attack other chickens? If it was a disease, why was she not sick beforehand? All I can really figure is that the other chickens attacked her, but I can't really understand that either because the other chickens have never acted that way.

    Has anyone had something like this happen to you? Should I be concerned about the health of the rest of my chickens? They were all vaccinated for Mareks when I bought them.

    This little chicken was just the sweetest little chicken. She was a black copper Maran and was the runt of all the chickens. Because she was solid black and because she was the runt and kind of a loner, I named her Zorro (also because she "stole" my heart with her sweet personality). She was small and made the softest little cooing sounds. She came up to me every time I went in the coop waiting to be petted and just had the sweetest little personality. I always paid a lot of attention to her because she was the runt and was always coming up to me, so I feel like I would have noticed if she was ill in some way.

    I just don't know what happened. I'm sad she's gone, and especially since she was only around 8 months old, but I think what hurts the most is not knowing what happened to her and if I could have done something to prevent her death.

    Any insights and suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Where was the wound on her body? Was she pretty low in the pecking order? I don't have any answers, but she might have suffered an injury. Also, a lot of healthy looking hens can drop dead suddenly around or after the time of laying, possibly from heart or other internal problems. Sending in the refrigerated remains to the state vet for a necropsy is one way to find out if it was something infectious. Sorry for your loss.
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    sorry for your loss. Sometimes there is just no explanation. Also you stated she was a runt. Sometimes the runts are not developed properly and may have weak internal organs that w are unaware of so unfortunately we lose them sooner than we should. I had a little runt that made it to a year and a half and then just dropped dead for no obvious reason.

    All of them are special.[​IMG]

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