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Sep 6, 2009
Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to raising chickens (not new to dealing with animals) and new to this forum. I had a 4 month old Blue Wheaten Ameraucana pullet (Lola) die this evening.

I have gone through some past posts on this forum and looked around on the internet in general trying to find similar symptoms. Maybe someone here can help.

I live in the Pacific Northwest. I have 55 chickens of varying age and breed. They are locked up at night and forage all day on 5 acres. I feed a mixed multi-grain organic food mixed with some standard grower feed. They also get lots of treats from the garden and some scratch now and then.

I acquired Lola about a month ago from a breeder whom I have purchased about two dozen other chicks. I was picking up some new day old chicks. Lola was from a clutch that I have two other birds from but was not SQ so the breeder did not want to keep her. I took her home with the new chicks. She has always been the odd one out and the lowest in the pecking order, not having bonded with any other chickens even though I have others from the same clutch, just obtained at a different time. She never really seemed to thrive and is quite a bit smaller than the others of her same age.

Two or three days ago I noticed that she was sitting around a lot all puffed up and seemed to be in some discomfort when she walked. She was eating and drinking and her poop looked normal she just seemed lethargic. I isolated her from the rest of the flock, gave her plenty of food and "Rooster Booster" in her water.

She steadly got worse and today began to have what appeared to be seizures.

I started her on Tylan (just because) and gave her pedeolyte with a syringe. She continued to get worse. The seizures became very violent and I think she became blind. She died about an hour ago.

I would not be too concerned as I said she never really seemed to thrive but I have another bird (also smallish compared to her brood mates) who is exhibiting similar symptoms.

Any Ideas?



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May 20, 2008
Hello antiemm!! Welcome to BYC!!
I am sorry your first post is such a sad one.
I don't know anything about chicken illnesses, so I am completely helpless here. Hopefully someone will chime in with some possibilities.


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Feb 5, 2009
South Georgia
Since you said she never seemed to thrive, I would guess she simply had some inherited problem that you could not have done anything about. If you only have one more who is looking this way out of 55, that is really not an unusual number.

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