Chicken Deaths in the Yards :-(

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    Oct 9, 2016
    We currently have four flocks right now. Our big coop and run house our brown egg layers, our smaller coop and run house our colored layers and specialty birds. We also have a large batch of meat birds (about 70) and they have one smaller and younger barn yard mix cockerel roosting with them. These three coops share a wired wall and the Vikings are off by themselves. Four nights ago we lost our Buff Minorca, our white layer who was housed with our easter eggers, our lavender americauna breeding pair, and our naked neck. She stopped laying for about a week, and than stopped going into the coop and night. The first night it was supposed to get cold, I carried her in, and found her dead the next morning :'( Around the same time, we started noticing one of our meat birds acting strangely. It didn't seem to be growing like the others and started losing control of it's muscles. I sort of assumed it had "survived" a crushing. It stopped walking great and it's wing was going slack. It died last night. At first, since both birds didn't seem to have died of the same thing or in the same way, I thought it was just a bad coincidence. But today, a black austrolorp pullet, from the brown egg layer side has started acting like the meat bird. It's losing control of it's muscles, its wing is starting to go slack. Maybe just on one side? I'm not really sure. This is our first year with chickens, and my husband and I really went all in. Now I'm worried we could lose them all to maybe a disease or something we're doing that's really dumb and we just aren't aware of it :-( Is there anyone else out there who might know what's going on?
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    The only way to know for certain what's killing them is to send the bodies off for lab tests. Sorry for your losses :hugs
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    Unfortunately it may be Marek's disease. It tends to rear it's ugly head at this time of year.... there are currently quite a few threads on it and it is very widespread and easily contracted. Young adolescent birds are most at risk and it can have a number of different symptoms but a common one is asymmetric paralysis of a leg or wing or even tail or neck, but there are many other symptoms and some birds even die suddenly with no sign of paralysis. It is a horrible disease. I've had it for 2 years and I've just lost two pullets to it a few weeks ago. That said I have a lot of birds that survive it, so it depends how virulent your local strain is..
    I hope I'm wrong and it is something else, but I would recommend you get a necropsy done on one of them to confirm it. You need to know what you are dealing with, especially when so many birds are at stake.

    So sorry that you have lost birds and good luck with the rest of your flocks.
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    it sure sounds like marek's I hope it isn't!
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    Nov 15, 2015
    Check the food can be a factor too

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