Chicken Decals for your car! Several styles


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Aug 3, 2009
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Chicken Pot Pi $6.50
OCD - Obsessvie chicken Disorder (choose 2 colors) $8
Peace- Love- Poultry $6.50
Backyard Chicken Farmer $6.50
Got Goats? $6
Peace Love Goats $6.50
Got Turkeys? $6

Custom Work available, just PM me.

Vinyl decal can be applied to any smooth surface (car windows, walls, laptops, etc). It is made from high quality vinyl and is easy to apply (see directions below), however this is not reusable and can only be applied to a surface once. Vinyl decals are easy to remove without damaging surfaces.

Available in the following colors-

Lime Green
Hot Pink

Please specify color when ordering

Items will be shipped the following business day once payment has been received and shipped standard USPS mail. Price includes shipping within the United States all other orders pay actual shipping.

How to apply-

Peel off the vinyl sticker backing.

Place sticker on clean, smooth surface and use a straight edge (ruler, credit card, etc.) to press vinyl decal down firmly. Smooth out any air bubbles with straight edge.

Slowly peel off the adhesive paper on the front.

PAYPAL address [email protected]
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