Chicken Depression....?(new chicken)

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    Hi all,

    I recently got a Modern Game bantam for a show bird. I'm in 4H and FFA so I'm going to show her at the fair.

    I purchased her and she was with several other bantams before she came with me. I noticed she's been "depressed" lately. She is pecking at her feathers and is ruining them! I really don't know what to do. I can't get an other bantam for company because my city limits say at the most 4 chickens. I already have 3 laying hens. At the moment my new bantam is in quarantine from my other birds because I don't want them to get an illness if this modern game has some illness.

    Her feathers are so beautiful and she's such a lovely bird, I don't want to see all her feathers coming out! The reason I bought her was to show at the fair and be a showmanship bird. I hate to she her all sad.

    I know if she keeps on pecking herself she'll give her skin or the base of the feather which can cause some bleeding!

    Please help me out with solving this problem!

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    Welcome to BYC. Pick up your bantam and visually inspect her closely for lice and mites. Lice are 6 legged, white or off white in color and move quickly through feathers and fluff. Check the base of her feathers for clusters of eggs around the vent area.
    Mites look like pepper, red or black in color and move slowly or not at all, mites are 8 legged, like spiders. They prefer the vent area where it's warm and moist.
    If you see any of these external parasites on her, purchase sevin dust from any home improvement store or garden center and dust her. Then redust her again in 10 days to kill nits hatched from eggs.
    If you dont see any external parasites, she might be in molt. Molt causes irritation and sometimes birds will preen/pull out already loose feathers that would eventually fall out on their own. There is no way to prevent molt. However if she is stressed due to her new environment (which I suspect,) this might be the cause of her feather picking. If this is the case, you can put a chicken saddle on her as well as "Peepers" which can be ordered online or a feed store might carry them. You can place a mirror in the cage to distract her from picking at herself.
    Provide your gamebirds with gamebird feed to eat. Keep her in quarantine for at least six weeks as a precaution. There are different types of respiratory diseases that have different incubation and course times to look for, six weeks will be enough time for detection. Consider worming her while in quarantine if she's not in molt. Remember and practice biosecurity. Good luck.

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