Chicken diarrhea unsolved!


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Jun 27, 2019
Hi Team!

I need you again! My flock of 12 is almost 20 weeks old, appears healthy, eating well, active, etc. (eggs should be just around the corner). At least one of the mixed flock (11 hens, 1 roo, all med-large, not giant breeds) developed diarrhea about 7-10 days ago, and now I think two might have it. Feces looks like a "splatt" on the poop board along side well-formed "normal" poop, not bloody that I can see, though some looks somewhat tarry (which denotes higher tract bleeding in people. hmm.). After somewhat seeing-vs-imagining worms in the feces and following my initial reading online I tried a chicken-appro dose of SafeGuard/fenbendazole (for goats) in their water for 2 days (3ml/gal, I think). I don't see any change. Called my vet, they don't see birds. Called the local avian vet, they won't test a fecal sample without seeing the bird, but as all 12 birds (so far) look constitutionally OK I wouldn't know which one to bring. :thUgh!
They are on layer crumbles, water with probiotics, daily dried worm/scratch/seed treats since they can't free-range forage. I know it's unsightly, but as an nurse I thought it might be helpful to attach some images of their droppings. Ample sized coop and run are kept very clean (at least weekly, sometimes more often, use DE too), but birds can't free-range (too many local predators). I would really appreciate any advice. Please let know if I'm missing some helpful info. Thanks in advance for your help.
You could seperate them one by one or watch them during the day to see who is making the diarrhea. From your last picture I would suspect coccidious. More than likely if it's worms or coccidious your whole flock is probably infected. I would treat with corid and see if it helps.

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