Chicken died because of her crop?

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    Alice, our Cuckoo Maran died this morning. Yesterday she had something wrong with her crop, it was blocked up. It hasn't emptied that morning, so we had her up in the house all day. We gave her coconut oil and nux vomica, hoping to get something moving. We decided that if she wasn't better in the morning, we would bring her to the vet. My mom woke me up this morning to say goodbye to her, and right when she was about to leave this whitish stuff started coming out of her beak. We tried to help her, but about 15 minutes later she died. The whitish stuff came up several times. Does anyone know what happened? She was one of our favorite hens, almost 2 years old. We are bringing her in today to see what happened, along with Jasmine, our SS who also has something going on with her crop.
    Below here is Alice. She will be greatly missed, she was a beautiful hen. Our first mom, as she was the first girl to ever go broody on us. Olivia, the Cochin whom Alice raised, will be missing her i'm sure, as she had the tendency to hang around her a lot.
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    I'm so very sorry for your loss.
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    Sorry for your loss. [​IMG]Very often a chicken will eat a whole bunch of food even though it's already dying. If you live in the US you should send her off for a necropsy, many States do them for free or a small fee. The fluid that came out of her mouth was just part of the dying process.

    Some labs listed by State:
    How to send for necropsy:

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    Thank you. We are going to find out what happened hopefully tomorrow
  5. I am so sorry for the loss of your chicken! [​IMG]

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