Chicken died in my arms


Aug 24, 2009
BC Canada
I just got back from being away a week to visit my hubby (he's working up by Swan Hills, AB). I took Lulu my lame, part-time house chicken as she always travels with me. The rest stay home in the care of a neighbour. Before I left last week, one had a real pale comb and it was quite droopy. I have a number of girls that aren't laying because they are molting or broody or ? Anyway, she seemed to stay away from the others and when I picked her up she seemed okay - no cuts, etc. When I got home today, the neighbour was out and said he noticed one of the chickens seemed sick. I went back and found her alone by the waterer. I picked her up and she seemed very fat like she was blotted or something. Her feet were cold and so was her comb. I was walking to the shop with her to set her down on something so I could get a better look at her when she opened her mouth a couple times without making a sound and her head drooped over and she was dead. :crying: I've had these chickens for 2 years and 2 months and lost 2 early on when a dog got them but that was all. I don't know if I could have done anything if I had been home but I feel bad that she seemed to be suffering. It was almost as if she waited for one more cuddle before she died. She didn't have a name (I only named Lulu) but it hurts to lose her. I've given my sympathies to people when they lose their chickens but never really felt the pain until today. I am sitting here crying over a chicken that was supposed to just be one of the 28 layers.

chicken grandma

11 Years
Sep 1, 2008
west michigan
Everyone of God's creatures is precious. And we recognize that. He tells us that 'His eye is on the sparrow, He sees each sparrow that falls''. Because we are made in God's image we care also.
As much as you care for your hens; think how much God loves us.
I am so sorry for the loss of this hen. I have loved every one of mine also. Sounds like you did your best by her and she was very lucky to have you holding her when she passed. One of my favorites died in my arms also and it was a privilege to be there for her at the end. God bless your kind heart! Nancy

Patricia Jane

9 Years
Oct 28, 2010
Petaluma CA
My heart goes out to you as I'm crying writing this. It doesnt matter how big or small you always get attached. When you have a lose an animal it always hurts. I'm very sorry for your lose. Atleast you were there holding her when she passed. She is no longer suffering and in a better place. You deserve big


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Jul 20, 2011
Ħal Luqa, Malta
I am very, very sorry. (big hugs) I too know how that feels. It never gets any easier and I too cry about each and every one. You are not alone, and may your sweet chickie rest in peace. And please don't feel bad as sometimes even if you try to do something to help, they seem to be destined to go and you can't change that even if you sit with them for hours.

Brody's Broodello

12 Years
Jan 9, 2009
So sorry for your loss. It's hard to take when you do your best and it dosen't seem to help. I've had some go very quick like that, but not knowing the parent stock and their health history makes it tuff. I had a friend whose bird died of a heart attack at age two, I told him that most birds of that breed, don't live that long, therefore, you wouldn't know if early passing was in their dna. So please don't blame yourself, you gave her a wonderful life, love,food, and a great home. Remember her often, and smile, she will live forever in your heart. Memories live forever.
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