Chicken died?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Rooster Don, May 1, 2016.

  1. Rooster Don

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    Just one hen, does not have signs of a predator attack and no lost feathers. Just laying on the ground dead, under two years old. All others are fine. This hen was fine yesterday. I guess this can just happen but it is my first one lost to a non violent predator death.

    Any thoughts?
  2. goofychickens

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    Well, "Rooster Don", I'm sorry to say, but unless the other chickens have any symptoms, I'd say everything is fine. Sorry for your loss, my favorite hen just died of a terminal reproductive disorder. All my other peepies are in wonderful health. So, to sum it up, if no more birds die and if they are all ok, id say you are ok! R.I.P. Unnamed chicken
  3. oldhenlikesdogs

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    Jul 16, 2015
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    Occasionally what appears to be a healthy chicken one day can be dead the next day. It actually happens to about half my chickens, most never look sick before, no matter their age.
  4. Mrs. K

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    Nov 12, 2009
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    I agree, take a good look at the others, but even though there are many posts on here about very long lived chickens, a lot of chickens do not have a real long life span.

    ....Which is why one should get a few chicks every year, I am not trying to enable chicken math, just saying!

    Mrs K
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  5. MeepMeeps

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    Jun 15, 2015
    Long Island, NY
    Sorry for your loss, same happened to my girl who was a week shy of being 1 year old.

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