Chicken disease crises advice needed

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  1. Hi guys

    I have a crises and i am losing chickens almost every second day. This is my first time posting on this site and I have no idea how to describe this so i uploaded a photo of what they look like.

    The chickens were normal like any other chicken then all of the sudden I realized that some of their eyes are starting to swell on the one site only. 2 or 3 days later it got worse with liquid coming out of them and the next day the eye will be completely closed with the next day finding the chicken dead. so far i lost 5 baby chickens and if I don't do something soon I already know all my chickens will be dead. Please help?

    I managed to get this one in the picture in time, both eyes are closed and cant be opened. It was just laying there cold obviously because it cant see a thing to go anywhere else. i got it now in a glass tank with a warm water bottle, its moving a bit but only because i think he's starting to get warm. he wont eat, but had his beak under the tap and it looked like he got some water in.

    If you can please tell me how to treat this, how to prevent this from happening or a diy medicine that will help
    All will be appreciated
    Thank you

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    I agree, it does look like wet fowl pox. Apparently it can be treated with a lot of TLC and that care is outlined in the link Chris gave you.

    Someone with more "doctoring" experience may chime in here with more information so I'll wish you luck and I'm sorry your poor birds are going through this.
  4. [​IMG]
    Thank you guys, he I still breathing really slow but is very numb in my hands just now when I had his beak under the tap again and tried to force feed him a bit. And by the looks of him now it wont be long. I will follow the link and do some more research on google using the name wet fowl pox.
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    You're welcome -I'm sorry that we could not do any more to help.

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    I agree that it may be fowl pox, but there is no evidence of wet pox. That involves yellow lesions inside the beak, espohagus, trachea, or crop which can block the airway or cause the bird to not eat. That doesn't mean that she didn't have it, but the scabs visible are dry pox. The eyes may have become infected with E.coli, mycoplasma, or other bacteria to cause eye infection, which can then spread to sinuses and air sacs throughout the body. If a necropsy by a poultry vet is possible, you may get more answers. Sorry for your loss.

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