Chicken Disease?!

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    Jan 16, 2010
    I have recently started a chicken coop in my back yard with four different varieties of chickens. (A Barred Rock, Dominiqe, Orphington, and Rhode Island Red). Recently within the last seven days the rhode island red started developing very enlarged, crusty, growths around her nostrils. I called about 5 different sources from vets to chicken lovers all of which said "it could be" ...and I got different answers. Mainly the overall consensus was that it was fowlpox and to get rid of the chicken immediatly. I have pictures of what she looks like and I really want to make sure I diagnose this appropriatly without paying the 200 dollars the vet would charge. Unless I have overlooked how to post the pics on the forum my email is [email protected]. But, please if anyone has any advice as to what this is or if my others three will be okay please let me know so we can diagnose this correctly.

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    To place a picture in your post, use the Uploads feature in the blue bar above. Follow the cues. After upload, copy the "url" code. Return to your post, click "edit", click IMG button which will upload a tag img](paste it here)[/img and paste the url code link between the two sections of the img tag. Then submit and it should include the picture in your post.
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    We had fowl pox in the flock the end of 2008. I gave everyone the vaccine($9). I haven't had a case since and I have several new birds and chicks that have never been immunized.

    Everyone says it is safe to sell birds again after 30 days, but I waited 3 months. No one has had a problem from my birds. I checked.


    btw: the vaccine will treat up to 1000 birds. I had 100. The rest of the vaccine needs to be burned, it is a live vaccine.

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