Chicken's like a soap opera...

Three Cedars Silkies

11 Years
Apr 17, 2008
Gainesville, Fl.
EE hen started laying about 6 weeks ago...suddenly no eggs for a few days. Yeah, right. On Saturday we were outside all day around the barn and heard "bak-bak-bak'ing" somewhere under the shedrow. Sure enough, there she was announcing her newest egg...along with 6 others, including a brown egg! She must have convinced her RIR friend to lay in her "nest". Left them for a couple of hours while we finished a couple of chores and when we went back, she was sitting on them. We don't even have a roo that can breed the LF hens. The 2 little roos that they live with are mottled bantam cochins who give it all they've vain.

So we collected the eggs and cleaned out all the old lumber. No more 'hidey-holes" for them!!

But all the 'bak-bak'ing' all morning was nerve racking!


12 Years
May 24, 2007
It's funny, we work so hard to make them wonderful, comfy little nest boxes and they still go off and find their own place to lay their eggs.

Glad you found the eggs, hope you've stopped your hens from laying in their own spots.

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