Chicken drinking lots of water, lethargic, clear liquid stool

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    I have a 1 1/2-year-old chicken (Nugget, I'm a vegetarian so it is a joke that, but that is really her name) I rescued as a baby. One of her babies (that was about 8 months old) died yesterday morning but we do not know why. The baby was in isolation as soon as we noticed her acting strange, then died on my lap in the morning. We are not sure why. We started nugget on antibiotics last night just in case. Nugget was fine yesterday, but today she is lethargic, will not eat much, and has very watery poop. It is almost 100% water, but it also has some long, large, tubular-like things that may be large worms. They do not look like the pictures of chicken worms I googled, but I am not sure! Does anyone have any advice?
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    [​IMG]Sorry I don't have any advice, but I do feel your sadness. I had a chicken named nugget also. I only keep pets and of course don't eat my pets. She lived 13 years.
    How many other pet chickens do you have? I only suggest that you keep the sick ones away from the others.
    I wish the circumstances were nicer.
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    Can you post a photo of the poop with the "worms"? Other things appear in poop that aren't worms, though. If this pullet had an infected oviduct, some of it along with parts of an egg may show up in the stool.

    The only sure fire way to determine what is making your chickens sick is to take the dead ones in for a necropsy. Call your local university agricultural extension office and they will tell you where to go.

    Finding out what you're dealing with may make the difference between life or death for the rest of your flock.

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