Chicken Dubbing.

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    Apr 20, 2016
    I've seen pictures of Roosters and even some hens that have been dubbed. I never knew that roosters have their fans and waddles cut off, when I saw a dubbed rooster, I would always think some are just born with out any waddles and such! I always found the dubbed birds more attractive than non-dubbed ones. So I want to know if this act is legal, I heard it's not allowed in some places. And if there's a way I can make it less painless for the bird. And if there's really any pros and cons for it.
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    Check your local / state laws. In my state it is legal to dub birds for show if that had been done historically. For me I am not about looks, rather function. Current issue generally over-riding all is frostbite where dubbing prevents it. A dubbed bird is even at less risk for frostbite on toes. I have never seen a dubbed hen unless it was done for particular health reasons.

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