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    My chickens aren't laying yet. I really like the taste of eggs. Even store bought eggs (I know, I know....wait till I get my own fresh eggs). If I get duck eggs from a friend, do you think they taste good? I have never eaten a duck egg, but am more than willing to try. Do you all find that there is a difference in chicken versus duck eggs? I have had ostrich egg and it was good but only slightly different (though much more) than a chicken egg. Any thoughts?
  2. in my opinion duck eggs are richer and they are great for baking.
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    Jun 13, 2007
    I had a duck in with my chickens.. they had been together since day one.. I went out to get eggs one day and there was a white egg.. humm.. how odd I thought.. I wonder which "chicken" is laying a white egg.. they are all brown egg layers.. The duck was suppose to be a "drake" so it wasnt the duck.. We ate them... in the beginning the duck egg was the size of a chicken egg with a kind of rough texture on the outside.... then I went out one day and there was a huge shiny smooth egg and thats when i realized we had been eating duck eggs.. we couldnt tell a bit of difference.. even fried one or two.. maybe someone else could tell but we sure didnt..
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    If I thought I could sneek an ostrich chick in with next springs order I'd do it in a second. but alas my DW reviews all orders ever since I snuck in the pheseant and turkeys last spring.

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