chicken eating frost?????

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  1. so I just witnessed my cute lil orpington look up at the top of the nest box which is covered in snow, peck at it 2 times eating frost then go back to eating the corn and bread we gave them. What is up with that? I've NEVER seen any of the other chickens do this and they had water so its not like she was thirsty. Any ideas? Thanks!!!!
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    Apr 20, 2011
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    Everyday that I let mine out, they spend more time pecking the snow and ice than they do eating the snacks I set out for them. They are funny! [​IMG]
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    May 30, 2011
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    After their first few shocks this winter, my chickens have taken to the snow. They seem to enjoy pecking at it and watching it fall.
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    Curious chicken maybe. They seem to investigate everything else why not snow? [​IMG]
  5. well we dont let them out because its too cold!
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    How cold is too cold, in your opinion? I know we have folks in Alaska on these boards and there probably is such a thing as too cold but I know there are also folks in Florida who think they need to heat their coop in winter so I'm curious.

    We had some of that snow-hail fall (the stuff that looks like dishwasher powder) and the chickens ran around pecking it up like it was scratch. Very funny to watch!
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    I let my chickens out and they stomp around in the snow no problems. ;) I'm in upstate NY. And no, no heat if they aren't babies.
  8. well in my opinion too cold is like -30 (it was -50 here for a while), we have it in there still, I don't know why, but my sis should really put vaseline on her chickens comb, its all black in the back.

    we have some hay outside that the chickens love so I'll see if they will go outside
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