chicken eggs story....sooo cute...

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    I gave my sis-in-law a dozen chicken eggs in a bag....her grandson seen them in the fridge and asked if they were aunt chrissy's chickens eggs...she told him yes they were...he asked her if they were the babies...she tried to explain to him that if the mommy would sit on the egg then the baby would be born..but the eggs we have are for our breakfast...he wants to see the babies be just the other day she made him some scrambled eggs and he told her to give him the shell...she ask him what he wanted the shell for...and he told her bc it was the baby he disappeared & came back without the egg..she asked him what he did with the egg and he looked at her like she was stupid...he told her...i took it back and put it on the baby freaking i told her that when my chickens decide to go broody or if i decide to incubate any that he will be the first one to see the baby be innocent!! [​IMG]
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    ♥ Awww... sweet! ♥
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    Aw...what a sweet story. Kids do and say the sweetest things. Thanks for sharing your story.[​IMG]

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