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May 15, 2011
I am looking at purchasing this chicken pen and was wanting to know if the boarded up bottom of the run will cause air ventilation problems? I am located in South Georgia so we have mild winters and HOT summers. It will have a dirt floor.

Thanks for any inputs.
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No. However, unless you're standing right there nearby, you won't be able to watch chicken television. Also, especially if that's chicken wire, I'd make sure the housing section has a door to secure each night. If you get winters, it looks like it'd be very simple to tarp up for wind blocks, and it's covered, which is a huge plus.
Since I don't see any ventilation in the housing part, I'm assuming it's meant to be an open coop - so consider covering the chicken wire (if that's what it is) with another stronger wire...welded wire of some kind. Just my 2 cents.


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No problems with ventilation in the run at all. That looks great!

I don't know where you are located so I don't know what your winters are like, but mine do not like wind, especially a cold wind. That will provide plenty of ventilation in the run plus block any wind directly on them. They should love it. Plus it keeps them from sticking their heads out going after grass or bugs, so they are better protected from things that may take their heads off. It also protects them from things like raccoons reaching in through the wire. It also keeps baby chicks from going through the fence and away from Mama's protection if you have a hen raise chicks in there.

The coop, well it kinda depends on your climate. It could work out OK if you have a fairly mild winter. I don't see any ventilation up high, which I really like. But if it stays open all year, you should be OK from a coop ventilation aspect. My worry would be a cold wind hitting them when they are roosting in winter.

I can't see the roofing material on the run. The run roof looks flat. Unless it has enough of a slope for the water to run off. it will probably leak. The coop roof is probably OK since it slopes.

If you get a lot of snow and ice, the load can build up pretty heavy on the roof. I can't tell what material is used to support the roof, especially the run roof, but that looks like there is not much bracing up there. Wind load can be a problem too, even on a flat roof.

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