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May 23, 2020
One of my chickens was recently attacked by a dog, dog got her head through her fence, which injured the area around her eye. We separated her from the other six but when I came out the next day she was in the main roost and the area around her eye was swollen up so I brought her inside to see if we can check if her eye is ok. My mom put a wet washcloth over her eye and she now seems to be looking around but her eye is still swollen.

I though she was looking around with the eye but my mom didn’t think so because she moved her hand near the eye and the chicken didn’t react.

pic of eye:

Edit: we went to a local vet, that doesn’t treat chickens but treats other livestock, and they gave us an ointment to use on her eye
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Feb 12, 2015
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Does the eye itself look damaged? It's closed in the picture...... I would open the eye, flush it out well with sterile saline or eye wash, and apply terramycin eye ointment (most tractor supply stores carry it) or plain neosporin in the eye a couple of times a day. If the eye is not damaged and there is no infection, she will hopefully recover. If the eye is crusted shut then apply moist, warm, wet compresses to it until it's loosened up enough to get it open. If you can get a clear, in focus, close up of the eye once opened it may help to see whats going on. Swelling can take some time to reduce. Any other wounds you can also apply the plain neosporin after flushing them well. Puncture wounds in particular can be more likely to get infected. She's probably really sore, so I would be patient.

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