Chicken Fan Fights City Hall

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    Sep 20, 2011
    Leslie Crawford and her two white-leg hens have a good deal going. In exchange for a little feed and a cozy coop in an island paradise, the snowflakes, as she calls them, provide her with two fresh eggs a day.

    After eight months, the hens have produced more than 450 eggs. This was more than her family of three could consume, so Crawford began sharing her bounty with friends and neighbors.

    Dispite her generosity, one neighbor objected to the hens and complained to the city. "We call him chicken little," she said.

    Now the city has charged her with violating its ban on backyard chickens, which came into effect in 1997.

    The city has not been unsympathetic. Crawford said City Manager Blair King suggested that she come before the City Council to make her case during public comment.

    She did. Her pun-laden plea – “I am aware that I have run afoul of the law” – won the heart of at least one councilmember. Barbara Denny placed the matter on Tuesday’s agenda.

    In a letter, Denny pointed out that “chickens provide low-cost healthy sustenance in the form of eggs, as well as pesticide-free insect removal.” She went on to suggest that “It may be time for our Coronado code to allow for chickens.”

    She also did a little research and learned Coronado and Imperial Beach were the only two cities in San Diego County that have banned backyard chickens. Imperial Beach lifted its ban three years ago.

    Chicken Fan Fights City Hall - Coranado
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    [​IMG] Yay! Glad to hear that she's fighting the good fight. Wish she'd done it BEFORE she got the chickens though--there is a chance she can lose & have to give up her hens... [​IMG]
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    Ha! I grew up in Coronado. I had heard they weren't legal there, and it didn't surprise me. Let me know if you want me to bug the mayor, Casey Tanaka. We went to school together and are FB friends now. Plus, he's up for re-election. Might be a good time to get campaign promises out of him.


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